Angela I. Barreda Gómez

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Dissemination of climate change problems by scientific groups from early ages to old ages. Adaptive examples for social circumstances and ages. Incentive plans from politics to business and population.

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The dissemination should be focused on different ages groups. For children, scientist would prepare different activities in schools: Theory information, recycling activities, measurements of pollutant indices, and nature excursions. For adults, information could be provided in electronic magazines, theatre and films devoted to climate change consequences. For old people, researchers could assist to civic centres and elderly residences. Politicians could set an incentive to citizens by giving away public transport tickets, holidays in nature to people who demonstrate their dedication for environmental protection. Companies that pollute least should be rewarded. We will prepare a detailed plan with all these actions.

Image: Courtesy of Angela I. Barreda Gómez


Posted on

28. May 2020