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I am sure that the climate change is ultimately linked to the corona pandemic. Unfortunately, currently it is not possible for most of the people to see and understand the link between the corona crisis and climate change. Due to the shift of climate zones, the worldwide ecosystem is changing rapidly. This leads to changes in the local occurrence of virus-carrying vectors like various animal species. Due to these local shifts, humans are more and more susceptible for contact with former wild animals, and thus to infections. One project should work on the identification of links between climate change and the spread of diseases like the corona virus.

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I think the global threat of pandemics, as we are seeing right now focuses the attention of the people in the world to this specific and important problem. At the same time, the global climate change steps back in people’s minds, loosing attention and thus loosing time to fight climate change. If the link between both topics, the corona pandemic and the climate change could be clearly demonstrated, it could concentrate the resources of the world in a direction which is beneficial and sustainable at the same time. I think in 48 h a literature review can be created showing major links between climate change and spread of diseases and be presented to the public. Furthermore, many research projects could rise from this starting point, aiding the fight against climate change and the rapid spread of diseases.

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28. May 2020