Communicating Climate Change

More information on the our Online Sciathon 2020 topic.

Climate change is hard to grasp for the individual: Mathematical models, predictions about the effects of global warming, which will only become apparent in a few decades, or warnings about natural disasters in other parts of the world often remain very abstract.

Nevertheless, the individual must change his or her behaviour even now, even though he or she is not yet affected. Many people are therefore opposed to possible bans or restrictions in their everyday lives.

This makes it all the more important for science to communicate climate change in a meaningful way. That is why we have made it one of the main themes of our Sciathon. The participants will be able to deal with questions relating to this crucial topic for the future.

  • How can scientists contribute to a better basis of information for the public?
  • Which actors are important for comprehensive communication on climate change  science, schools, politics, etc. ?
  • What could a comprehensive information campaign look like?
  • How can the media contribute to evidence-driven communication on climate change?

The topic of climate change is one of the crucial tasks of science communication in the coming years. As a young scientist, you certainly have good impulses for this challenge.