New Ideas for Greener Energy and More Sustainable Industries

Climate change is upon us. Maybe more than changes in individual behaviour, keeping its impact at bay will hinge on greener solutions for our energy needs, technological advancements and a transition to a more sustainable economy.

Lindau Alumni proposed a broad variety of ideas to help meet this challenge.


  • Scientific Chair: Prof. Heiner Linke, Member of our Council
  • Prof. Hartmut Michel, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1988, Member of our Council
  • Prof. Lars J. Nilsson, Lund University

Introduction by Heiner Linke

“There is no question that humankind must do everything in our power to reach at least net zero CO2 emissions. Achieving this critical aim requires political determination and the will to make drastic changes.”

Prof. Heiner Linke
Scientific Chair of the topic

Energy and Climate

This topic is based on the panel discussion with Nobel Laureates Steven Chu, Robert B. Laughlin, Hartmut Michel, Brian P. Schmidt as well as young scientist Nadine Mengis and Gerald Haug, moderated by Jim Skea.