You would like to participate? Find the most important answers around the Sciathon here!

Basic Information

What Is the Sciathon?

The Sciathon is an opportunity to develop ideas to answer important questions concerning our present and future. You will work together virtually in groups with other members of the Lindau Meetings’ community from different research areas within a period of 48 hours during 19 – 21 June.

Ideas for projects are sent in by Lindau Alumni. After confirmation by the organisers, Lindau Alumni with accepted projects will become group leaders.

Each group focuses on one project that belongs to one of our main topics (see next item). Young scientists/economists who are invited to the Lindau Meetings 2021 will find the projects on this website. They can apply for a project.

What Are the Topics?

Lindau Alumni can submit a topic proposal to one of the three main topics:

  • Lindau Guidelines
  • Communicating Climate Change
  • Capitalism after Corona

Young scientists and young economists can register for the groups that are admitted to the competition.

Who Initiated This?

Since their foundation in 1951 the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings have developed into a unique international scientific forum. The annual Meetings provide an opportunity for an exchange between different generations, cultures and disciplines. The theme of the Lindau Meetings alternates between Physics, Chemistry or Physiology and Medicine – the three Nobel Prize scientific disciplines.

Every five years an interdisciplinary Meeting takes place, while the Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences is held every three years. Through the medium of various declarations (2015 on Climate Change, 1955 Against the Use of Nuclear Weapons) the scientists have repeatedly joined in the public debate with political appeals.

During the Sciathon

How to Apply?


Ideas for project groups can be pitched by Lindau Alumni in advance of the Sciathon through the Lindau Alumni Network. Lindau Alumni who have successfully pitched an idea become group leaders during the Sciathon.

Groups consist of the group leader and about ten group members.

Young scientists/economists 2021 or Lindau Alumni who are interested to join the Sciathon can apply for a group later.

What to Do and When?

11 – 24 May: Lindau Alumni can pitch their projects

2 June: Registration for participants (more information coming soon)

19 June, 16.00 CEST: Start of the Sciathon with the opportunity for networking and an Opening Event at 16.30 CEST

19 June, 17.00 CEST: Start of the 48h Sciathon

19  – 21 June: Sciathon (48 hours to work on the project)

21 June, 17.00 CEST: Deadline for final report and video from the groups

22 June, 08.00 CEST: Extended deadline to deliver a 2-minute video about the project

How to Prepare?

The majority of the group work will happen during the 48 hours of the Sciathon.

The group leader will have the opportunity to prepare a library with texts, links and other material that is useful for the project.

More information coming soon.

What and How to Hand In

While we hope to provide a starting point for various projects with the Sciathon as well as new networks and collaborations, we also ask you to summarise your project results and /or developments.
Please provide us with a  paper (max 3 pages text, 2 pages graphics). Please use A4 as format, and at least a font size of 11 pt.
We also ask you to provide a short video (*.mp4), where you explain your findings or summarize your progress within the 48 hrs of the Sciathon.

Whether every member of your group or nobody of your group appears in your 2-minute video is completely up to you. However, we ask you to  do your video in landscape and not in portrait format
Use your imagination and have fun with the video and the paper. 

The videos will also be available for the general audience at the mediatheque of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings as well as in the result section of this website.



Submission Process

Both, the video and the paper, should be submitted to us by the end of the 48 hrs. Please upload them on WeTransfer, Dropbox etc and send a download link to us. The paper deadline is a hard deadline. Since the video format is new for most of you, you may take a bit more time for handing in the video. However, you should provide us the download link no later than Monday 22 June 8:00 CEST.

Please label the paper and the video with your group name.



Presenting at the OSDs


The Jury will evaluate the different projects from June 22 – 26. The three groups chosen of each topic (Communicating Climate Change, Lindau Guidelines, Capitalism after Corona) will be notified in the evening of June 26 (CEST). These groups should name one or two members who will give a 15 min presentation on their group projects during the OSDs by June 27. We will then brief you on the procedure for the OSDs.

After the Sciathon

What About the Results?

The final reports and the videos will be presented on sciathon.org.

A review panel will select the top project results and inform the group leaders.

The selected groups then receive the opportunity to present their work during the Online Science Days 2020 (28 June – 1 July) to the participants, including Nobel Laureates and Lindau Alumni.

What is #LINOSD?

The Online Science Days 2020 (28 June – 1 July) will be a virtual event that brings together Nobel Laureates, Lindau Alumni and the young scientists/economists 2020 in form of panels, debates, talks, conversations, discussions and a digital framework programme. It will take place on an online platform as a digital alternative to the postponed Meetings.

During the Online Science Days 2020 the Sciathon groups with the most promising ideas get the chance to present their results.

Do Ideas Become Reality?

The ideas will find a platform during the Online Science Days and on this website.

So if some individuals or institutions are interested in an implementation of an idea, we will be happy to liaise with the project groups.

Rules for the Sciathon

Who May Participate?


In the first step Lindau Alumni send in ideas concerning our main topics via the Lindau Alumni Network: Lindau Guidelines, Communicating Climate Chance, Capitalism after Corona. The ideas will be reviewed.

Then young scientists/economists who are accepted for Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings 2021 apply for the groups that were successfull in the pitch of the ideas.

Role of the Group Leader?

The group leader is responsible for coordinating the group, is the admin for the respective group and contact person between the group and the Sciathon organisers. In general, the group leader communicates with Lindau (e.g. to ask questions about the process).

Are There Restrictions?

The core of the Sciathon is cooperative, inclusive, fair teamwork done in diverse, interdisciplinary groups and in line with the Lindau Guidelines and the Lindau Spirit.

There are no other rules to not distract from the exchange of ideas of the participants working in a group.

Access for Press and Public

What about Press Access?

If you work as a journalist and/or blogger and would like to run a story about the Sciathon, please do not hesitate to contact the communications team of Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. We will find a way to bring you in contact with group leaders or groups before or after the sciathon, maybe even during the event.

Are Interviews Possible?

If you are interested in interviews with group leaders or members, please let us know about your wish. The communication team will find the right person and arrange a time and a virtual meeting.

Is Public Access Possible?

Everybody who is interested can find a lot of information here on this website about the plans and later the results. Stay up-to-date by following our social media channels.

Terms and Conditions

More Rules?


We try to establish as few rules as possible to allow participants to concentrate on their topics. You can find the rules in our fact sheet for download. If something is unclear, please contact us.


We have tried to cover the most important questions you may have concerning the sciathon. But if you want to ask something, feel free to contact us!