Group Rules

Groups work on an idea pitched by Lindau Alumni in advance of the Sciathon through the Lindau Alumni Network in one of six topic categories.

Lindau Alumni who have successfully pitched an idea become group leaders.

Groups consist of the group leader and up to 10 group members, who can be Lindau Alumni or young economists 2022.

The group leader is responsible for coordinating the group, is the admin for the respective (Hopin) group and contact person between the group and the Sciathon organisers.

The majority of the competitive group work should be done during the 48 hours of the Sciathon. In the interest of a just competition, group members are not informed of the other members of the group in advance. To ease communication in the early stage of the Sciathon, the group leader will receive the contact information for all group members on 10 September 2021.

In general, the group leader communicates with the organisers Lindau, e.g. to ask questions about the process. If need be, other group members can also contact the organisers. Main contact person is Christoph Schumacher.