How Can Open Science Improve the Public’s Trust in Science?

The Open Science movement is gaining support, researchers worldwide are advocating for the public availability and reusability of scientific data, increased transparency in the experimental methodology, observation, and collection and more.

Lindau Alumni pitched ideas to use the approaches of Open Science in general and the Lindau Guidelines in particular to increase public trust in science.


  • Scientific Chair: Helga Nowotny, Vice-President of our Council
  • Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2009
  • Tarek Besold, DEKRA Digital


Introduction by Helga Nowotny

“In an interesting twist, this year’s competition has linked the theme of Open Science with questions that have been very much at the forefront over the last 18 months.”

Prof. Helga Nowotny,
Council Vice-President and Scentific Chair of this topic

Open Science

This topic is based on the panel discussion with Nobel Laureates Elizabeth H. Blackburn and Randy W. Schekman as well as young scientists George Datseris and Michal Jex, moderated by Stephanie Dawson.

Why Trust Science?

This topic is also based on the closing panel discussion with Nobel Brian P. Schmidt, Carl-Henrik Heldin, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, young scientist Balkees Abderrahman, moderated by Adam Smith.