Evaluating Message Nudges for the Healthy Elders

The nudges may have large and important impacts on elderly participation in self-health care activities.

The project will aim to determine whether receiving an email nudge or text message nudge will increase the frequency with which an elderly person will get his medical tests done in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a developing country and has poor old-age care. Many of the health issues that elderly people face are because they do not get regular medical check-ups and lack the knowledge of self-health care. To address these research objectives, participants above 50 years of age will be randomized to receive a set of reminder nudge emails every 6 months to get their regular medical tests done such as sugar profile, Blood pressure, BMI, and CBC. The nudges may have large and important impacts on participation in health activities.

Image courtesy of Aribah Aslam. 


Group Leader

Aribah Aslam, Lindau Alumna 2022
University of Lahore, Pakistan

Skills for Project