Carolin S. Altmann

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Challenge: How can we engage laypeople in climate science and visualise its impact directly? Idea: Communication via participation- we want to involve the general public in climate research in a drone-facilitated citizen science approach. Aim: to motivate citizens to act as climate ambassadors within their personal networks.

More Information:

Challenges: Individual behaviour impacts climate. This is not immediately felt by citizens. People have trouble prioritising future concerns over current needs. Convincing them to make lifestyle changes now, to prevent catastrophes later, is hard. Solutions: Stop seeing citizens as passive consumers of research. Start to actively involve them and make realise their own impact. Increase the communicative potential of such projects. Reference project: drone-facilitated forest monitoring at the DLR-Jena. 48h-Deliverables: best-practice guideline to further commitment/communication of citizen scientists Aim: enable laypeople to become authentic climate ambassadors within their networks, acting as peer-educators to inspire behaviour changes in the general public.

Image Credit: Christian Thiel, DLR, Lizenz CC BY-NC 3.0


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28. May 2020