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Margoth Córdova-Castro

Tweet Pitch:

#TogetherAtScience: Building the future for science and scientists around the world with a new global platform for networking and collaboration. Let’s #TurnUpScience showing our labs and results in short clips to everyone, #SoundOffScientists talking with leaders in society. Science is for all #JoinTheWave!

More Information:

Answers are in science, actions are in scientist’s hands, support comes from governmental organisations, companies, and decision-makers, while society adopts the new habits. Global problems do not wait and affect us all. What are we still waiting for? Build an online platform to share, connect and communicate research with short videos contributed by scientists from different countries showing their labs and findings; interviews with recognised artists and leaders, inviting them to laboratories to pose challenging questions to the scientists. This webpage shall also be used to express in a fresh and artistically way to reach popular social media nurturing worldwide scientific culture.

Image: Courtesy of Margoth Córdova-Castro


Posted on

28. May 2020