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Dan Deviri

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Journal publications were a necessity in previous centuries but should now be obsolete. Shifting scientific communication to a dedicated social network can improve the way we do science, making it a democratic, collaborative endeavour that naturally follows the Lindau Guidelines.

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In recent years, social networks have revolutionised the way individuals communicate and interact. Many of the unique functionalities of social networks are ideally suited for the requirements of the scientific community, described by the Lindau Guidelines. However, the use of social networks by the scientific community is limited. Instead, journal publications, which often do not follow the Lindau Guidelines, are heavily relied on. In 48 hours, a dedicated team can suggest a social network-based alternative to peer-reviewed publications, which promotes democratic communication and collaboration. The potential improvements to the way we do science may justify forming such a team.

Image credit: Courtesy of Dan Deviri/Ibrahim.ID CC 4.0


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28. May 2020