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Dinesh Kumar Kandaswamy

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Redesigning the earth to make it a better place to co-exist with nature – through rewilding the earth and share the transition in an app – inculcating proactive and positive thoughts on young minds.

More Information:

From the historical occurrence of pandemic, there were clear links between the destruction of nature (wildlife hunting, deforestation) and new human illnesses. Rewilding the world, by planting more trees, paving way to natural habitation and banning wildlife trade could slowly lead back to a better ecosystem and a halt in global warming. The idea is to create an app and share activities, by naturalist and volunteers among the Lindau community, across the globe leading to rewilding the ecosystem paving a way to transitioning into a better world to co-exist with nature, reemphasising the message that “If we take care of nature, it will take care of us”. The first thing we could do is create an app and share motivational message capturing natural ecosystem around us and its conservation and joining hands to rewild the nature. Based on the response we could create links between different stake holders and carry forward to accomplish our goal.

Image: Courtesy of Dinesh Kumar Kandaswamy


Posted on

28. May 2020