Asma Khurshid

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Tackling COVID-19 & beyond “a social climate threat” via mutual intellectual scientific input in discovery of a cure to this pandemic. Unlike other historical pandemics this life-threatening respiratory pandemic turned out to be a major game changer for entire global community after second world war. Apparently, COVID-19 has imparted positive impact on direct global climate but its deleterious effect on “social climate” can’t be ignored that has appeared as a “high red alarm” for human security on planet Earth. COVID itself and its outcome via prohibited social interaction has led to emergence of various psychological disorders in human society besides knock-on effects on human economy. Here stems out the integrated role of scientific community in providing solution to combat this pandemic via discovery/design and development of effective antiviral drug.

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My idea is based on design and synthesis of effective antiviral chemical agents with aided advanced machine learning approach. It involves training artificial neural networks in screening library of already available antiviral compounds and performing hit to target validation against SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence following invitro and in vivo assay to evaluate antiviral potency of selected active compound/drug with details on pharmacokinetic & dynamic parameters. Synthetic modifications in selected drug in line with synthesis of new compound library will be designed (following chemical linkage with GO nanocarrier) with inhibition efficiency to deal with COVID & beyond it. The idea involves intellectual utilization of multidisciplinary scientific background individuals with the possible outcome in the form of antidote/COVID inhibitors to suppress viral infection.


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28. May 2020