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Nikolaos Konstantinides

Tweet Pitch:

Climate change is a “pandemic” happening in slow motion. Can we simulate a “speed-up” of climate change in a way that is comparable to the COVID-19 pandemic? Similarities and differences will allow efficient communication to the public, who will relate to its recent experience.

More Information:

We can identify what is similar and what different between the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. The effects of the pandemic were obvious within months of its outbreak, while the effects of climate change will be obvious within decades. “Speeding up” climate change will allow us to draw accurate parallels with the pandemic, which can be communicated to the public in a familiar “pandemic-like” language. The goals of the team would be: a) gathering information about the effects of a pandemic and climate change on people’s survival, well-being, sustenance, as well as environment, social and other aspects, b) using existing models to outline the progression of climate change, c) comparing metrics to the pandemic, and, finally, d) writing an accessible text about climate change addressed to the public, using pandemic-related wording. This is an interdisciplinary project that benefits from the participation of epidemiologists, climate scientists, linguists, computer scientists, data scientists etc.


Posted on

28. May 2020