Stefan Maier

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The greatest loss of this crisis is not capital, its human life. Each life lost to corona is one unique tragic story, changing the lives of countless loved ones left behind. Let’s give them a voice and hear what they have to say and how they would like to see the world change. Collect and document their stories for future generations.

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I want to provide a platform for people, who lost their loved ones to corona, where they can safely and voluntarily share their tragic experiences and tell their hopes for the future, their expectations to us scientists, how they would like to see the world change after corona and where society and their leaders failed them. I want to create a book to give back to them and let them decide, if it should be publicly available. Us as a group can create a powerful document, which will put a human face to this crisis. It can provide an understanding of the difficulties and systemic failures people are facing during this crisis. Within 48 h, the group can collect as many names as possible of people, who died during the crisis and try to contact their loved ones to get an idea, how many people would be willing to contribute to the project. We can get a comprehensive overview over the size and feasibility of the project and to have a clear perspective concerning the next steps of the project.

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28. May 2020