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Michael-Bogdan Mărgineanu

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A volunteer-based global online platform enabling mentoring for high school, university students, and professionals at early career stages who wish to pursue scientific research and seek professional guidance. The platform provides curated resources and enables science communication directly to the younger public.

More Information:

The idea addresses three goals of the Lindau Guidelines: support talent worldwide, communicate science to society and engage in education. By enabling a direct mentor-mentee interaction in an online format the platform facilitates access to specialised professional guidance (scientific discipline-based), in particular to students and professionals from countries with underdeveloped career counselling services, and empowers scientific talent worldwide. Furthermore, it provides a direct channel for locally tailored science communication. After 48 hrs, a prototype for the online platform can be designed with a list of strategies to engage participants worldwide. A model that can be used for inspiration is Biomentorhub (


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28. May 2020