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Dominic Mills-Howell

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Waste has become an increasingly pressing issue due to Covid-19, yet many households are without sufficient resources to get by. Using a mobile application which uses geospatial analysis to identify activity clusters we aim to recalibrate the supply chains on a massive scale.

More Information:

My idea is a mobile app that connects individuals and uses geospatial analysis to investigate the most optimal and seamless manner of distributing goods. Many suppliers have no avenues to distribute their goods since the onset of Covid-19, resulting in huge wastage of food and other resources. The application aims to be a technologically enhanced barter system where people can trade goods for goods or services on a massive scale. A project of this nature is highly interdisciplinary and benefits from fresh perspectives offered by working with Lindau Alumni. A simple working prototype is feasible after a 48 hour timespan.

Image Credit: Dominic Mills-Howell


Posted on

28. May 2020