Learning Physics on the Go!

Ever wondered what can be done to improve the public view of physics? Let’s create a fun app with small experiments, projects and the option to connect to physicists and help the public get started on science! Let’s make science communication more sustainable!

Most of you have faced the adverse reaction of the public when speaking about physics, stemming from their education journey. We need to foster interest in physics, by inspiring the next generation. For this, we need to decrease the barriers to learn about science in a fun way. To make physics accessible from everywhere, I propose to develop an app, which connects physicists with learners, thus providing insights in the various job fields. Furthermore, the app should hold ideas for small scale experiments for key learnings in physics, as well as project prompts in various fields of physics (for example: small scale detector simulations) that can be completed with open source data and software. The app could contain a scoreboard and the opportunity to connect to other players around the globe, giving the opportunity to study together.

By connecting learners with physicists and giving them fun projects to work on, we can inspire the next generation of scientists. The small scale experiments should be low budget and hold a detailed description with teaching concepts and key findings to make them available to teachers and thus improve physics education in the classroom.

The feature to connect with participating physicists around the world gives students and teachers, as well as the general public, a fast and easy way to connect to specialists and helps us to communicate our science.

Let’s make science communication more sustainable!

Group Leader

Saskia Plura, Lindau Alumna 2021

Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany