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Global issues are increasing in number and importance. So, global cooperation in science is needed (G.2), as well as communication with society (G.10) on education (G.9) regarding new, sustainable living habits. We strive to find solutions for such a complex system.

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To encourage global cooperation, the common approach to science must change: instead of hyper-specialisation, a broader view must emerge — one that unites global science, eases communication among different fields, and spurs different opinions on global topics, finding better solutions. Science dissemination is quintessential to educate all generations about sustainable living habits — a key to solve global issues. Interactive platforms based on active learning could play a huge role on it. • How can scientists from different fields work together, sharing methods and results, creating a wholesome picture of global issues? • Can we foster sustainable habits which can be adopted? How can these be promoted?

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28. May 2020