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Name: Joseph (JJ) Richardson

Joseph (JJ) Richardson

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No one is talking about what happens if the first COV-19 vaccine has a success rate below that needed for herd immunity. Or, if a faulty test is better than no test. These questions have long-term financial impacts on how loosened regulatory pathways inhibits pandemic response.

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Our team will analyze the short-term and long-term economic implications arising from loosened regulation surrounding vaccine and diagnostic development. Specifically, we will address challenges such as how the development of ineffective diagnostic tests and vaccines can harm competitors, due to the economic disincentive of being second to market? How does rushed product development help with short-term gains in stock price but risk long-term drops if the product ends up being faulty or the pandemic not as deadly? Do countries with weaker regulation gain economic and development advantages over more cautious countries during and after a pandemic, and if so, is it at the cost of human life? What financial and medical implications does government favoritism have when decisions are not evidence-based? After 48 hours, we will have a theoretical framework in the form of a white paper on how regulatory bodies, investors, and companies should approach development during and after a pandemic.

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28. May 2020