Abderrahmen Trichili

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With more than 40% of the population not connnected to the internet, climate change awareness will always be limited. Covering less fortunate regions with the internet by installing new optical fibres could not be economically profitable. By providing low-cost optical-wireless-based internet, climate change campaigns will have a wider reach.

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Bridging the “digital divide” in some areas of the world can be essential to raise awareness of climate change issues. With available internet connectivity, it is possible to access educational materials on the impact of global warming, on biodiversity and water resources as well as explore simple habits that can be adopted to reverse pollution. At the end of the Sciathon, we will have a plan to provide low-cost internet access in a chosen region of the world where connectivity can significantly reduce climate change by conducting environmental protection projects. Also a roadmap of expansion to other unconnected areas will be prepared.

Image: Courtey of Abderrahmen Trichili


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28. May 2020