Fatma Uzbas

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Environmental binoculars: magnifying the outcome of our simple actions and will demonstrate their cumulative influence on the environment to help near-sighted mankind to comprehend its power; to destroy or to save

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Indifference of people to the influence of their individual actions on larger scales or on the future lies in their nature to focus on “now” and “immediate”. Therefore, illustrations that magnify those influences can enhance their comprehension, which can be displayed in social media, tv trailers, or billboards. Such as trashing one plastic bag by an individual: no influence, vs trashing a bag by each one of the 8 billion people: an island in the ocean made of plastic. Outcome: a list of ideas and illustration drafts ready to be submitted to UN or EU climate change authorities.

Image: Courtesy of Fatma Uzbas


Posted on

28. May 2020