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Maria Żurek

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Early Career Scientists Associations as accelerators and facilitators of the Lindau Guidelines 2020: Join us to build a Starter Pack for future and current organisations to implement and propagate ideas for a better science in the Lindau spirit.

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Associations of early-career scientists (ECS) directly realise the Lindau Guidelines 2020 (LG2020) through supporting talent worldwide and building a platform for sharing knowledge and engaging in mentoring (Goals 03, 08, 09). Moreover, they can serve as catalysers for other LG2020 goals. Join us to create in 48 hours a universal guide on how to kick off an ECS association in your institution, including concrete resources on easy-to-implement and inclusive events aimed at executing, promoting, and further extending LG2020 that can also enrich programs of already existing organisations. Share your experiences and ideas for activities supporting the ECS community from all around the world.

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28. May 2020