Integrating Sustainability in Different Spaces and Promoting Eco-Friendly Ventures

From publications to inventions to real world impact: a comprehensive and exhaustive compilation of solutions for building eco-friendly spaces.

Data, data everywhere, not a mind to analyse! We aim to build a global online platform comprising of ideas and solutions for people from different socio-economic-geographical backgrounds in order to build sustainable spaces in an affordable fashion. From the existing database of publications pertaining to energy materials and climate change studies, we shall pick solutions for building environment-friendly living and working spaces. For the upcoming young researchers of the academic community, the practical difficulties for achieving maximum efficiency in case of different functional materials shall be clearly discussed in a simple and engaging manner to encourage further discussions between the scientific community and the masses. For the common public and government officials, we would provide them with well-defined plans on how to incorporate sustainability in existing infrastructure using smart architectural innovations. Additionally, our platform would also train volunteers from both rural and urban backgrounds to lead workshops and create eco-friendly ventures in their own local zones.

Image courtesy of Preethi Thomas



 Group Thomas (Preethi Thomas and Elzina Bala) won the Energy and Climate category. 

Group Leader

Preethi Thomas, Lindau Alumna 2021 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India