Medical Passport

Let’s develop an app, free for all and accessible to all, to keep pur medical records and prescription safe and digital

Medical history is an important aspect of healthcare as it provides critical information about a patient’s past and current health status, allergies, chronic conditions, or medication, which can guide diagnosis and treatment decisions. Above all, it can facilitate communication between healthcare providers and patients.

With this project, I aim to bring forth a free software or app to not just keep a track of your medical history but also act as one’s personal medical alarm, test tracker and medicine tracker. The app will also provide a space to store insurance information, emergency contacts, and medical documents. My Medical is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app should also consider the medical history of the family members since we all love are near and dear ones.

Image courtesy of Garima Aggarwal.


Group Leader

Garima Aggarwal, Lindau Alumna 2021
ISRO, India