“Mind”-Blowing Science!

Balancing Science and Mental Health for a Better Future!

Science is always exciting! Working in a lab or running a research group makes a researcher’s life adventurous and lively! However, in reality, research is not the cup of tea for everyone in the context of stress management. With outstanding scientific research comes great pressure on one’s mental health. Publishing papers, taking lectures, getting grants, managing labs, securing positions, managing funds, communicating science, working with peers, harmonizing collaborations, and, most importantly, balancing personal life put much mental stress on all most everyone doing research or working in the field of scientific research. Many of us, at a particular stage of our scientific career, must have encountered this phase of mental stress. Very few have thought about how peace of mind or good mental health could have a tremendous role in the progress of science. We must accept that good mental health would greatly influences research quality and productivity.
This unique project at the Lindau Sciathon 2023 proposes different methods through small projects to make Researchers of all stages and science policymakers think and openly discuss mental health, how it impacts scientific discoveries and what can be done to improve the mental health of a researcher to influence science positively. One way we can evaluate at least the effect of mental health on scientific research and discovery is by making a critical questionnaire on mental health and its impact on scientific research and asking the participants, including the Nobel Laureates, speakers and other relevant participants, to fill the questionnaire. Then we can have real-time data on the mental health of researchers from all categories of research and different countries. Other innovative Ideas are welcome from potential participants of this group. With this project, we can show how mental health is essential in scientific discoveries and initiate a new thought process among researchers on good mental health.

Group Leader

Purusottam Mohapatra, Lindau Alumnus 2014
NIPER Guwahati, India

Skills for Project