Professor Bot – an AI-Powered Scientific Electronic Journal

Professor Bot is a digital journal inspired by financial AI advisors. It can give suggestions on further steps in a research project. It accumulates data from relevant articles and group experiences, which can be easily shared with other people. Save your time for something new!

The Open Science movement allows for widespread and transparent delivery of research results that accelerates progress and builds trust in science. What is still missing in the movement is making the backstage of research open. Only a small fraction of scientific efforts finds its way into publications. The rest stays invisible. One main reason is the time it takes to systematize the data and upload it in a way that other people can find and understand it. While it somehow works for published results mainly due to journal requirements for data availability, most of the research activities stay unavailable not only for the public but often for one’s own group members.

Storing, systematizing, and sharing all the research efforts can be done in an electronic journal designed to help scientific groups organize their work. The journal will be open source, so users can modify and add functionalities relevant to their field. The journal will be stored within the group that will control the access options.

Moreover, systematic data storage will allow the implementation of an AI-powered advisor that will allow building a graph-like tree of research steps. For example, a new group member won’t need to ask their professor to explain how to set up a calculation/experiment or how to represent the results and wait for the professor’s reply, which often takes some time considering professors’ busy life. Instead one can ask a suggestion from the AI advisor, which “remembers” how the previous Ph.D. performed this work. Of course, the real professor has access to the AI suggestions and can add modify the information.

The data for Professor Bot not only can be added from the group’s activities but also generated from relevant articles and will grow as the project advances. One could add collaborators to share the expertise. The tool is intended to minimize education time and maximize the qualitative time for science-related discussions while allowing research activities to be open.

Group Leader

Viktoriia Rutckaia, Lindau Alumna 2019
Advance Science Research Center, USA