The Mutual Input of Human and Artificial Intelligence to Address the Unforeseeable Health Crisis

Taking into account the socio-economic vulnerability and health risks posed by emerging life-threatening diseases after the advent of COVID 19, there is a dire need at a fast pace to develop effective strategies to cope with health issues and their after-effects on socioeconomic environment. My idea for the aforementioned underlines the development of two-way sustainable protocols dealing with advancements in the health sector and to health crises management. The former aspect of this idea (which is in continuation of my previous 2020 Sciathon idea pitch) relies on the generation of a rapid clinical response protocol to newly emerging pandemics so as to overcome/mitigate the problems posed by health issues.

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced emerging field with widespread applications and is going to take up almost every field by potentially offering its essential role in driving various life sectors. Besides few drawbacks associated with this machine learning approach, it still offers rapid/fast feedback to various problem inputs with greater acceptability. So by making use of multidisciplinary scientific knowledge from their experts with aided specially trained artificial neural networks and application of both aforementioned in the advanced mRNA technology which is also named as ‘‘biological software’’ would serve as a speedy response in developing new/novel medicinally active agents (vaccines or antidots etc) to combat the upcoming diseases. Moreover, the joint input of human and artificial intelligence is smart enough to predict the probability level for the emergence of new unknown biological threats based on the prevailing biological agents of various diseases while offering reliable health crisis management strategies.

COVID-19 marks the start of a new era for human life on planet earth with unpredictable, highly vulnerable health threats to the global community with associated unforeseeable outcomes. With this, it is more than evident that our environment, both physically and socioeconomically is susceptible to high destabilization by sudden emergence of pandemics. Considering this alarming situation, there is a dire need to develop effective approaches so as to have rapid response to such an emerging crisis (i.e., health related diseases and ultimate health crisis). With this notion, mutual input of human scientific intelligence/brains from various fields coupled with the artificial intelligence-using advanced machine learning algorithms (the emerging future field /with applications in broad spectrum fields of life/upon which almost all sectors of life heavily rely on and will be ultimately relying on) would serve this huge purpose. Thus, this idea pitch invites scientific intellectuals with expertise in synthetic/medicinal chemistry, data science with in-depth of machine learning and artificial intelligence, biotechnology, virology, biology and economy to put forth a rapid and sustainable approach to tackle the evolving health threats.

Image courtesy of Asma Khurshid


Group Leader

Asma Khurshid, Lindau Alumna 2017
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan