The Petaelectronvolt Circular Collider to Discover the Supersymmetric Theory

Petaelectronvolt circular collider for new foundations of particle physics: This proposal would explore new physics and engineering concepts to produce the first petaelectronvolt collider to explore range of energy completely new with the purpose of detecting signs of new physics related to dark matter particles, basic units of superstring theory and beyond.

The Future Circular Collider (FCC) study is developing designs for a new research infrastructure to host the next generation of higher performance particle colliders to extend the research currently being conducted at the LHC, once the High-Luminosity phase (HL-LHC) reaches its conclusion in around 2040.

The goal of the PCC is to push the energy and intensity frontiers of particle colliders towards ultracollider, with the aim of reaching collision energies of 1000 TeV, in the search for new field of physics.

Image courtesy of Enrico Catalano


Group Leader

Enrico Catalano, Lindau Alumnus 2018
Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

Skills for Project