Upscaling and Digitalizing COVID VOICES e. V. – A Sciathon 2020 project

The Online Sciathon 2020 gave birth to our project COVID VOICES e. V. The idea was to collect as many stories and experience reports from people who suffered because of the COVID-19 pandemic and to combine these reports with scientific data and statistics related to the pandemic in order to document and help mitigate the crisis. By now we have collected and evaluated a number of experience reports from all over the world. The next steps are to upscale and digitalize the dataset and to make it available to the public in form of an online platform, which allows people to upload their COVID-19 experiences automatically and us to analyze the data more efficiently. Within 48 h we can put faces and voices on top of the COVID-19 data by creating the COVID VOICES e. V. online platform and help document and mitigate the crisis, to learn from it and to conserve the knowledge we gained for future generations. Join us in this endeavour and help create a “prototype” platform for documenting global health crises by giving people space to share their experiences.

Image courtesy of Stefan Maier


Group Maier (Stefan Maier, Aribah Aslam, Alissa Drees and Stanislav Kalinin) won the category Emerging Threats and New Tools in Global Health.

Group Leader

Stefan Maier, Lindau Alumnus 2019 Forschungsträger Jülich, Germany