Lindau Online Sciathon 2020

The week before the Online Science Days 2020 #LINOSD, we invited our Lindau Alumni, young scientist and young economist community to work together during our first Online #Sciathon (19 – 21 June 2020).

Find the topics and projects for the Online Sciathon 2020 below. Find the results here. 

Our Topics 2020 

Find out more about the main topics for the Online Sciathon 2020 below. You can also find an overview of the topics of the competition in our blog.

Lindau Guidelines
The Lindau Guidelines 2020, first suggested by Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, aim to get wide-spread support for a new approach to global, sustainable, cooperative open science  in the 21st century. The Lindau Guidelines consist of 10 ambitious goals. To implement these goals, we need your ideas!

Find out more about the Lindau Guidelines here. 

Communicating Climate Change

We’re seeing a new way of scientific communication in response to the danger of COVID-19. What  ideas from this crisis can be adapted for the climate debate? How will scientist be able to show that the climate crisis is just as big a threat as the COVID-19 virus?

More information here.

Capitalism After Corona

The first months of 2020 showed us how fragile our current economy is with respect to unexpected sudden crises. Is there a possibility or an actual need to remodel our current economic systems?

More information here.

Your Projects

We have received pitches for 48 projects by Lindau Alumni – we’re glad to have such a broad variety of ideas and concepts! Almost 500 Lindau Alumni, young scientists and young economists registered during the regsitration periode. Below, you can filter by topic to find the projects most interesting to you. Click on an element to find out more about a group.

Group Abdelmageed

Group Abdouss

Group Accorroni

Group Accorroni

Group Al-Riyami

Group Altmann

Group Banerjee

Group Barreda

Group Becker

Group Bisztray

Group Boorman

Group Clifton

Group Córdova Castro

Group Deviri

Group Elmiger

Group Elmiger

Group Enninful

Group Fatieiev

Group Grimmel

Group Haegel

Group Holgado

Group Jompoj

Group Jonelis

Group Kalejaiye

Group Kandaswamy

Group Kaur-Ghumaan

Group Khurshid

Group Kolodziejczyk

Group Konstantinides

Group Lerch

Group Lerch

Group Maier

Group Maldonado

Group Mărgineanu

Group Memon

Group Mills-Howell

Group Mushtaq

Group Mushtaq

Group Mustroph

Group Peng

Group Peng

Group Petrov

Group Poshyvailo

Group Ramah

Group Richardson

Group Rudnicki

Group Tiwari

Group Tomm

Group Trichili

Group Uzbas

Group Wernicke

Group Zhang-Perillo

Group Żurek