Technology to Trust: An Initiative to Strengthen Science

Trust is strong as diamond and fragile as glass. It takes years to make and seconds to break. It is getting harder day by day to trust science by common people. Being young scientists, we have to do develop a platform and network to win everybody’s trust.

The vaccination of Covid-19 has clearly shown the mirror to the scientific community where we stand in the eye of common people in today’s time. They consumed harmful things after reading warnings but they will not take vaccines after knowing their advantages. This is due to lack of trust in science and its community.

To earn everybody’s trust, I am proposing one idea to use the existing resources and technology to bring back the trust of common people in science. This idea inspires by the last four-goal of Lindau guidelines. Lindau guidelines contain the clue to bring the public’s trust in science but we have to design the golden key. With the support of the researcher, it will be easy to educate society by providing the right and reliable information. It will help to communicate with the public systematically. And it will be a wonderful reward for both parties. We have to create a network like a spider web whose center will be science and it will be strong enough to hold the trust of common people. We will create the global network by connecting the student chapters of the different institutes, groups of researchers, industries, etc, who are creating awareness about science in their region. Then with the help of social media platforms and other technology, we can design a global and strong network. This network will have the capabilities to win the trust of common people and lead us to this success.

With the help and support of the Lindau family, we can make sure that the base of the trust will be strong enough to bear the load of common people and maintain the balance.

Image courtesy of Madhurya Chandel


Group Leader

Madhurya Chandel, Lindau Alumnus 2021
Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, India