Sciathon Projects 2024

A broad variety of projects were submitted for the 4th Lindau Online Sciathon (19–21 April 2024).

Starting 28 March, Lindau Alumni and Young Scientists can register for a project group through the Lindau Alumni Network.

The Projects

Find out more about the ideas that are to be further developed in April by clicking on the buttons below. Each project group will submit a short paper and a video at the end of the Sciathon. Find out more on the FAQ page.

Nano and Micro-Structured Devices for Cleaner Energy

R. Margoth Córdova-Castro, Lindau Alumna 2019

Developing an Artificial Intelligence-enabled Capsule Endoscopy cum Endoscopic Ultrasound Device for Evaluation of Digestive Diseases and GI Cancers

Kunal Das, Lindau Alumnus 2003

Solar Conversion of Methane into Green Hydrogen and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as Sustainable Anode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries

Abdelaziz Gouda, Lindau Alumnus 2022

Cleaning Up Our Planet – Through Physical Engineering of Bacterial Enzymes Capable of Degrading Plastics

Surabhi Kandaswamy, Lindau Alumna 2018

Unveiling Novel Insights for Sustainable Agriculture

Domingos Lusitâneo Pier Macuvele, Lindau Alumnus 2021

Open Source Software Efficiency Project

Rebecca Meißner, Lindau Alumna 2019

Mapping Only Water Molecules Non-Invasively

Hirak Patra, Lindau Alumnus 2014

Navigating Geopolitics With Ethical Physics: Steering Clear of Destructive Applications

Bo Peng, Lindau Alumnus 2019

Learning Physics on the Go!

Saskia Plura, Lindau Alumna 2021

Beyond Pesticides: Targeting Plant-Virus Interactions for Effective and Sustainable Agriculture

Syed Zaidi, Lindau Alumnus 2018