OrphanTalent Academy

Orphans and orphan rare disease patients are often forgotten and marginalised so huge potential for society is lost. OrphanTalent Academy aims to connect orphans all over the world and kids with orphan diseases with the most brightest minds which will inspire them for STE(A)M and medical research, in order to improve health&wellbeing and reach their full potential.

OrphanTalent Academy aims to connect orphan talented kids all over the world with orphan rare diseases patients, the best young researchers in the world and Nobel laureates in order to stimulate collaboration, cross fertilization of ideas to improve STE(A)M skills, and passion for medical and life sciences. It aims also to improve health and wellbeing of these talented kids to reach their full potential in life. We will build a digital platform which will give access to personalised trainings, workshops, tutorials, coaching and mentoring sessions. By using Art&Science and other innovative technologies from the game industry we will present difficult concepts from science and medical research to kids to stimulate their interest in science, Nobel discoveries and medicine (orphan diseases/immunology).

Image courtesy of Crina Samarghitean

Group Leader

Crina Samarghitean, Lindau Alumna 2011
University of Tampere, Finland
Data Digital Health Innovation Academy, Cambridge, UK

Skills for Project