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Alice Accorroni

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An international platform to discuss about diversity in science and to promote inclusive programmes.The idea behind building an international platform to discuss about diversity and to implement current equality and inclusive programmes is to make diversity an international matter that involves every single citizen and that doesn’t only remain the passion and daily work of a limited number of dedicated people.

More Information:

Encouraging the recruitment of underrepresented communities in scientific research is not only a moral obligation but also the only way to build a more sustainable research environment that aims at respecting its mandate to strive to truly represent and to improve society. The work group should be composed of people coming from different backgrounds who will be working on the production of an online database of worldwide currently available equality and inclusiveness programmes in science that would be accessible to and could be updated by scientists and international institution/general population. This database would represent a platform to discuss and improve current examples of diversity or to propose new programmes.


Posted on

28. May 2020