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Ana Isabel Maldonado Cid

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The development of a technological platform that shares information and attributes it to those who generated it. This project shows one possibility of the realisation for the Lindau Guideline topic “Share Knowledge”.

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I believe the group should work on this idea, because all institutions, public or private, should share their knowledge between them and with society. For instance, there has been a great effort to develop public policies around the idea of open data in Europe (European Open Data Portal). These good practices benefit everyone and allow to progress in many areas, such as scientific research. Moreover, nowadays it is crucial to fight against disinformation and the spread of the so-called “fake news”, as we have recently experienced with the Coronavirus’ pandemic. I think these challenges could be solved with the development of the proposed technological platform, and the Sciathon would be an excellent opportunity to discuss this approach with a diverse group. The result in 48h could be the creation of a community around these ideas, which would allow to establish future actions in order to develop this platform.

Image Credit: Ana Isabel Maldonado


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28. May 2020