Lukasz Rudnicki

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Billions of products bought online are yearly returned, which causes millions of tons of CO2 emission. Corona crisis unpredictably intensifies the effect. Let’s capture that! Let’s support people in responsible online shopping, designing payback mechanisms and information campaigns.

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We combine “Climate Change” with “Corona”. Questions how often, etc. people return products bought online (even associated CO2 emission) are well-studied. While now analysts study the influence of corona to online shopping market, there is little interest in focusing on extra CO2 emission. And this is a huge, partially unnecessary emission! Decreasing it is not in the focus, as long as returning “works well” economically. Clearly, there is no method in punishing the customers, as sometimes it is impossible to make a fully conscious online choice. How can responsible shopping be supported and how can customers obtain more information? I propose 3, 48h-manageable problems: Find relevant data and predict influence of corona to the increase of emission caused by returns. Design a payback mechanism to be endorsed by big market players (eg. climate bonus points for not returning). Propose how to use online shopping to inform about Climate Change (eg. services show very short movies just before finalising step).

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Posted on

28. May 2020