From Astrophysics to High Energy Physics and Particle Physics

New models of dark matter, deciphering the nature of dark energy and the need for a new concept beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics – open questions at the frontier of physics were discussed at the 70th Lindau Meeting.


  • Scientific Chair: Prof. Burkhard Fricke, fmr. Vice-President of our Council, Lindau Alumnus 1965
  • Prof. Jürgen Kluge, Chairman of the Board, Foundation Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings
  • Dr. Kathrin Göbel, Outreach Officer FAIR Darmstadt, Lindau Alumna 2016

Introduction by Burkhard Fricke

“Find a way that these interesting fields of physics fnd their way to the general public. Indeed, we present here three projects of very general interest.”

Prof. Burkhard Fricke, Scientific Chair of this topic

Dark and Black

This topic is based on the panel discussion with Nobel Laureates Reinhard Genzel, David J. Gross, Saul Perlmutter, Rainer Weiss as well as young scientist Saskia Plura, moderated by Lindau Alumna Sybille Anderl.