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Sabine Elmiger

Tweet Pitch:

The corona crisis has forced academia to move seminars, conferences and teaching online. This has great potential to promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration across the globe. I would like to work with a group on the identification of different opportunities, their potential to improve global collaboration, and their implementability. Video conferencing is a great example. I suppose many universities have adopted the same program for video conferencing. Opening seminars at universities in developed countries for researchers in developing countries would be an easy thing to do technically. Presenters would benefit from a bigger audience and more feedback. Researchers from developing countries would get the opportunity to exchange ideas with top-notch researchers that they would otherwise never be able to talk to. This also increases the chances for international collaboration.

More Information:

There are many opportunities like sharing seminars across Universities. Depending on the size of the group, we could focus on 1-3 ideas. After 48 hrs it would even be possible to have an actual action plan since we focus on ideas that are relatively easy to implement (at least technically).


Posted on

28. May 2020