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Solidifying bridges between academia and business realms: building the first-ever global self-sustainable agency converting state-of-the-art scientific knowledge into easily digestible academia-to-business partnerships proposals

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Imagine: researchers increasing business efficiency and effectiveness worldwide while getting the first-hand experience right “from the field”. No geographical borders, no fees and obligations, pure research and bilateral-benefits. Uni-Factory without limits!
The proposed agency resembles industry liaison programs present at many universities. However, it has immense added value: it will be escalated to the worldwide scale for the first time, will deeply leverage peer-to-peer concepts, and will be concentrated around overclock partnerships support by specifically dedicated professional management team. The agency will increase transparency, efficiency, and improve financial state of modern research powering it by business connections while substantially strengthening the business by providing it with the access to the most advanced scientific know-how translated into the language accepted in the business realm. 
Expected results of the Sciathon: we will investigate current academia-to-business partnerships, consider their experience to improve the quality of the developed agency, create a shortlist of “how to make it great” as well as “anything to improve?”, draft the agency development timeline and propose a high-level business plan.

Image: Courtesy of Vladimir Petrov


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28. May 2020