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Urshila Ramah

Tweet Pitch:

An application software to communicate science, educate and engage society in an enjoyable and regular manner. Features will include videos where scientists talk about their research to the public and regular podcasts to discuss and find conducive solutions for global challenges.

More Information:

Science aims to enhance the daily live of people. Very often, results of studies do not reach the public. An application is accessible, fun, and adequate to actively engage a larger audience. Regular challenges can encourage people to get involved in science activities. The application will notify users and encourage an effortless involvement on their part. This bilateral communication will foster mutual engagement between scientists and the public. After 48 hours, a concrete action plan could be built up to concretise this idea. It is a golden opportunity for scientists to extend beyond the academic bubble and make research meaningful.

Image Credit: Urshila Ramah


Posted on

28. May 2020